Figment, by Lourdes Martinez (and many others), was on display this week within the Merilyn Werby Gallery at Long Beach State University. Many artists came together to form this exhibit with pieces that all had a similar purpose behind them. Some works that Martinez brought were digital photographs printed onto transparencies as well as photos of space zoomed in and framed uniquely in glass on an easel. There was also torn photographs separately displayed on a shelf, pictures of foods, a bed composed entirely of a single image printed over and over again on the fabric and even the lamp shade, framed photography with overlayed editing, and crumbled up and/or torn pieces covered in different colors hung up on the wall. 


The main idea behind this gallery was to display how potential photography is and with it, people can empower themselves as well as inspire others. Martinez, specifically, was particularly interested in science and space for the mysteries they hold. Her piece on the easel is actually a zoomed in picture of Earth. She admired the idea of documentation and photography combined, and wanted this piece to be like a scientific slide to the viewer. She also liked that the image doesn’t display much information, emphasizing the mystery to it.

I particularly liked Martinez’s work because she stated how she was coming to terms with everything when she made this particular space piece. It really goes to show that art can really aid anyone, no matter what the subject of your art is. It’s productivity that sets the soul on fire, developing purpose and a sense of self worth.  



Martinez currently does not have a website.