This week’s activity was to improve our websites into an ePortfolio for future use. I found it hard to add things since I already had a Bio page and my Tumblr linked as well. However, I added a home button and a contact form. In all honesty, I don’t plan on really using wordpress after this class. My tumblr is my main media site where I already have links to all my projects such as my photography, graphic design images, writings, and soon to be my music. I also have my social medias linked there too. WordPress was fun to use for this class, but for my future use, tumblr is the way to go since I already have an audience of nearly 6,000 wonderful people.

In conclusion, my goal for this website is to be another portal to my tumblr, where my personality and work shines through.

My Tumblr: Stayradnotsad