On Thursday this week, my professor asked Perla and I to make a connection between these two shirts. When I said I didn’t see a connection, he went on to say he was disappointed in me and that there’s no point in me being at a university if I can’t make a connection between two random concepts/objects. He also stated that reality doesn’t exist and that I’m allowing the media to control me. Here’s what I have to say. I make plenty of connections everyday with everything I experience that seems to be important to me. (Including these shirts but it’s not relevant. It’s not going to benefit or change my life in anyway). With things that are going to benefit me in the end and help me to grow as a person. For example; there’s an old church in my hometown. Growing up, it was filled with people, singing praises to a god that gave them hope to carry on, to carry through. Now, it’s abandoned. Cracks in the pavement and overgrown weeds. I’ve been thinking about that, how a place that so many people put their faith in has grown so empty over time. Yet, just the other day I saw a man there patching cracks and pulling weeds out of the concrete. He was washing years of filth off the windows. This made me wonder if there is anyone like that for you and me when we are broken and have lost hope. However, this is a personal association I have made. Of course I would share this experience with someone if I felt they had an interest with similar feelings. Never would I ever impose my views into someone else and tell them I’m disappointed when they failed to see it. The thing is, nobody thinks what I think, and nobody thinks what you think. No one. We are all a collective of every experience we have ever encountered. The books we read, the films we watch, the conversations we engage in. We are what we take from these. For instance, I could say I’m a kitchen sink and you wouldn’t know what that means because a kitchen sink to you is not a kitchen sink to me. The point is, we are all searching for purpose by dealing with our own demons. If someone has the capacity and demeanor to do that, as well as handle everyday responsibilities, is truly a strong individual that will always have a place in a university, whether they can juxtapose the same two concepts or not. What matters is what we compare for ourselves. Analysis of ideas that help us to help others, cause in the long run, we are only tiny dots on an endless timeline.

As for reality, it’s a concept that’s different to everyone. To me, it’s what’s true to the individual. To tell me that it’s not real sounds like another view being pushed into a student within a public institute. This is supposed to be an art class and to say I’m being controlled by the media when nearly every activity is based around a social media app… Sounds pretty contradicting. With that said, I hope this can open some eyes to the perspective of myself and plenty other students within the university.

Nobody thinks what you think, no one.

This is my fiber art activity.

Disclaimer: None of what is said is meant to offend in anyway. It simply how I felt about the whole situation and no one should be afraid of being honest.