So Many Me’s, by Kathy Yoon, was on display this week within the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery at Long Beach State University. These cute ceramic little statues are made of porcelain clay, white rose paper clay, underglaze, and some yam. Each individual piece is expressing a different emotion, displayed within their stance and facial expression. 


The purpose behind this exhibit was to capture different feelings the artist, Yoon, has felt. Allowing her experiences of the past year to inspire her, she created in order to find relief by venting through her work. This aided her in the release of her emotions; whether it was angst, anxiety, sorrow, or even happiness and pride. Her main goal was to make herself vulnerable, putting herself out there to the world in attempts to connect with others.


Personally, I love the idea behind this collection. To make yourself vulnerable by displaying your raw emotions is something unfathomably beautiful, especially when the purpose behind it is to relate to others. In my opinion, painting a mental picture portrait is the best way to grow in yourself. It allows you to realize life has a hopeful undertone and helps others to come to the same conclusion.


Kathy Yoon’s instagram: kathy.c.yoon