This week, Matthew Dumpit had his metal worked pieces displayed within the Marilyn Werby Gallery at California State University, Long Beach. Each piece was finely made from metals and strategically placed with light to cast a shadow. On the walls, were rows of interactive trinkets, allowing the viewer to manipulate the shadows of each object. These were made of 19 gauge steel wire, making them small and lightweight. There was also a chair, made of melded steel wire, with a light at its feet, casting a large shadow behind it.


The idea behind this collection is the perspective of mechanics and emotion. Dumpit is interested in these concepts and how they interact together. Since emotions are able to transform so easily, Dumpit wanted to create something that could also transform I’m a no concrete way. Each constructive motion allows him to capture the feelings he had in the moment of creating the objects. Although the movements created is specific to his own familiarity, he wants his audience to be able to develop their own emotions while interacting with each piece. 


Personally, I love the concept behind this display. Emotions are just like shadows, as in they can appear so much bigger/smaller than reality, or the object. Sometimes we feel things too much, and sometimes too little. However, that’s not something to be ashamed of. It’s a perspective that is so different from reality, that it explains why it can be so difficult for us to understand other people’s feelings at times.

Matthew Dumpit does not have a website nor did he share any social media.