Fragile Future, by Maccabee Shelley, was on display in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West at California State University, Long Beach. This collection consisted of tall sculptures that were fashionably disordered, appearing very odd and spectacular at the same time. Raw materials most would consider trash, such as; glass, styrofoam, plastic, and other miscellaneous trinkets were melted, crushed, or simply rearranged to compose these brilliant pieces.


Shelley strategically styles each sculpture in a way that draws people in. He wants viewers to think while looking at his work by showing them something that doesn’t exist in our world, giving people a different way of looking at things. With a change in perspective, distortion of reality creates and/or expands our view of the world around us. He wanted to cause his audience to question everything, especially reality.


Personally, this display makes me think that life is just as much about the things that we’ve still got as it is about the things we lack.  It reminds me to not be afraid of what my soul is really thinking, since our souls know both sides; good and evil. No one has to hide behind their fears. If we have questions, we shouldn’t be scared to ask them. By just digging a little deeper, reality becomes crystal clear. 


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