The Side Effect of American Imagination, by Terry Liu, was on display this week in the Marilyn Werby Gallery at California State University, Long Beach. This collection was composed of six pieces on the wall, The Strange 6, as well as a large hand craft project display on the floor, The Crazy Ice Cream Man. The Strange 6 are freestyled line worked illustrations made with bright colors, giving a sense of fantasy to each individual piece. The Crazy Ice Cream Man, a hand craft project  displayed on the floor, had layers overlapping eachother, giving the overall work a 3D appearance.


Liu’s main inspiration was the freedom of imagination, which he wasn’t able to experience until he stepped into America at 18 years old. As he learned of this concept, he noticed the side effects of the imagination; strange, free, busy, and fun. He then transferred this idea to his work, The Strange 6.

The concept of imagination was also instilled into the project, The Crazy Ice Cream Man. This hand craft was based on Lui’s experience with American ice cream culture since he never experienced it growing up in China.


Personally, I really admired this display. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but the inspiration behind it makes it so much more interesting. It really reminds me that our thoughts have no boundaries. We can literally create anything in our mind and put it to time & space without being persecuted for it.  


More of Terry Liu’s work can be found at his website: