This week’s activity was to use the app called Somebody & try to connect with as many people as possible.  I actually thought this app was going to be a big fluke (which it kinda was) but to my surprise it somewhat worked.


These were the somebody’s floating near me Thursday afternoon. I delivered the first one to a stranger in my dorm complex & it turned out to be pretty funny.  

I composed as many messages as I could but only had success with this one. I composed this message Thursday morning hoping someone would go up to my friend Perla while at the galleries on campus. No one ended up delivering it, until later that night at the dorms. My friend down our hall, Sabrina, delivered it to Perla in the dinning hall.

Overall, I think this app is pretty stupid. It has no population, and even if it did, it could be dangerous since strangers can connect with you. I don’t think these social media outlets have really anything to do with Art. I rather paint my own canvas or carve a piece of wood into something cool.