Aggregate 1, 2, & 3 by Dawn Derry

Viewpoint, by Dawn Derry and Anahid Malek-Stepanians, was on display this week within the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery at California State University, Long Beach. These canvases were either made with oil paints, acrylic paints, or a combination of both. Derry’s work was on smaller, 38″ x 48″ canvases, while Malek-Stepanians’ work was on larger, 60″ x 48″ canvases. Both incorporated colors in a way to really bring these unique scenes of nature to life.


Fall (2015) by Anahid Malek-Stepanians
Aggregate 1 by Dawn Derry

In attempts to create an abstract and figurative experience, Derry and M- Stepanians collaborated their art since they both share similar significance to their paintings. They both found inspiration within nature, developing connections with it which later turned into a concept on a canvas. While Derry’s work is based on her memories of travel within California, M- Stepanians’ work is based on her memories of the seasons, especially of those precious moments back home in Vancouver, Canada. When asked to describe their art, Derry defined hers as minimal, and M- Stepanians defined hers as bright and big.


Winter (2015) by Anahid Malek-Stepanians
Aggregate 3 by Dawn Derry

Personally, I connect with these artists and their vision since I too try to incorporate nature into my art as well. While their work is based on decorating space, mine is based on decorating time. They create a visual to the music I, myself, as well as many other artists produce. Therefore, I’m very appreciative of the amount of time they put into their canvases since it is a field of art that I am incapable of doing well in. 

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