Reminiscing Remnants, by Kiyomi Fukui, was on display today within the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery at California State University,  Long Beach. On the walls, hung beautiful table clothes stained with tea and painted with beet or carrot juice. Organic matter, such as mushrooms, various leaves, and other garden grown materials were scattered along the boarder of the room. In the center, was a small table with tea cups and sugar cubes. These sugar cubes were saturated in beet juice, orange extract, lemon extract, or vanilla extract and were meant to be placed into and served with the hot tea provided.



The purpose behind Fukui’s art is impermanence. After experiencing a difficult loss, she felt awkward, and wanted to create an environment where she could talk to people, sharing a real sense of intimacy, empathy, and sympathy with everyone around her. She also wanted to establish integration since, “Art tends to be removed from real life.” Therefore, she found an outlet in creating art out of organic life from her garden.


Personally, I tend to agree with Fukui’s idea behind her collection. I think life imitates art rather than the two being mixed together. I feel as if a lot of people have removed themselves from the arts, constantly worrying about finding a means to live in a society that doesn’t necessarily accept them. It’s important that we hold onto these outlets, integrating them into our routine of our everyday lives.