This week, Kayla Workman’s Cyanotype Prints, as well as many other great works of her’s, were on display in the Marilyn Werby Gallery. For this particular collection, titled “Memory”, participants were asked to bring in photos that represented significant moments of their lives. Then, a chemical solution was painted over, causing them to turn blue after drying in the sun. Finally, the photos were arranged on the wall in a non-uniformed fashion inorder to convey this organic feeling of home.

The idea behind this illustration was to create a “visual diary” of the community’s experiences. More specifically, Workman worked with seniors, who have been through far more than we have, suffering from Altheimers. Each uniquely cyan piece was a representation of their pasts, brought together. Whether good or bad, it was a memory nonetheless, arranged in a non-traditional nostalgic diary to convey the feelings they once experimented.

For me personally, this collection draws you in at first glance as if all these moments are one. It gives the viewer a true sense of community and belonging. The sound of youth echoes through these images, making me proud of where I come from. I think that is a message anyone could take away from this project: you can’t kick up the roots.

More of Kayla Workman’s work can be viewed at: