Wk14 – Artist Conversation – Lourdes Martinez 


Figment, by Lourdes Martinez (and many others), was on display this week within the Merilyn Werby Gallery at Long Beach State University. Many artists came together to form this exhibit with pieces that all had a similar purpose behind them. Some works that Martinez brought were digital photographs printed onto transparencies as well as photos of space zoomed in and framed uniquely in glass on an easel. There was also torn photographs separately displayed on a shelf, pictures of foods, a bed composed entirely of a single image printed over and over again on the fabric and even the lamp shade, framed photography with overlayed editing, and crumbled up and/or torn pieces covered in different colors hung up on the wall. 


The main idea behind this gallery was to display how potential photography is and with it, people can empower themselves as well as inspire others. Martinez, specifically, was particularly interested in science and space for the mysteries they hold. Her piece on the easel is actually a zoomed in picture of Earth. She admired the idea of documentation and photography combined, and wanted this piece to be like a scientific slide to the viewer. She also liked that the image doesn’t display much information, emphasizing the mystery to it.

I particularly liked Martinez’s work because she stated how she was coming to terms with everything when she made this particular space piece. It really goes to show that art can really aid anyone, no matter what the subject of your art is. It’s productivity that sets the soul on fire, developing purpose and a sense of self worth.  



Martinez currently does not have a website.


Wk14 – Classmate Conversation – Perla Aguayo & Julia Hodgdon


This week, my classmate conversation was with Perla Aguayo and Julia Hodgdon. We talked a lot about what we are all trying to do with our lives. As Perla is perusing child development, Julia is going for being a social worker. We then discovered a giant spiderweb and we’re all disgusted by the giant white eggs at the bottom. When asking the question of the week, we all agreed that music is the most impactful form of art to us. 

Wk13 – Artist Conversation – Shahrzad Ahrar


Wake, by Shahrzad Ahrar, was on display this week within the Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery at California State University, Long Beach. Many different pieces were on display wig one single purpose. The wallpaper consisted of patterns with pictures to symbolize aspects of people’s experiences with moving to America. She also had four kaleidoscopes; Home, War, Transit, and America, each with images that characterize each. She also had three glass canvases and a large backlit billboard displayed, with complex images, again, representing the experiences of moving to America. 



Ahrar has been moved to create a collection based on the interviews of four people that have moved to America from Afghanistan. All of these people experienced war within their homeland, hence why they moved here to begin with. The pop outs of the wallpaper contain images that display war, such as bombs, airplanes, guns, etc. There’s also pop outs containing symbols of their homeland, the transit process, and their new life in America. Ahrar is determined to show everyone that people in the Middle East are suffering to the point that they have no where else to go.


Personally, I think this exhibit is significant especially for the time we are in now. A lot of Americans have hard feelings toward the Middle East due to terrorism but that doesn’t mean we should fear them. There are normal civilians there just like us, dying everyday due to the conditions they live in. With that said, I really admire this collection and think her interactive kaleidoscopes were extremely creative.

Note: Shahrzad Ahrar is currently in the process of developing a website.

Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Toni Abad


This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Toni Abad. She’s a psychology major and likes to watch a lot of crime shows (just like me) since she wants to me a criminal psychologist someday. She’s also a dog person and likes to read, watch funny movies, and bake (her favorite is cakes!). When I asked her if her perception of art has changed, she said she has always felt that art is something made from the heart, and can be interpreted by the viewer.

Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata


Sacred and Profane, by Christopher “Christo” Linquata, was on display this week within the Max L. Gatov West Gallery at California State University, Long Beach. These paintings are made with acrylic paint on canvas and represent local areas such as Sunken City in San Pedro, CA. While the background depicts a real place, the foreground contains characters that tell a story. These stories have real elements as well as fiction. Christo also likes to use gold frames on most of his pieces, giving them a rustic, organic feel.  

Christo made these works in order to represent his life. He also wants his viewers to be able to take something from it, allowing them to find their own personal connection with his paintings.  A common theme in his work is this idea of unity. He wanted to emphasize the importance of time with family and friends as well as display how people find other means, such as substance abuse, to distract themselves from these aspects of our lives. These are things that one may consider sacred, whether it’s positive or negative.

For me personally, I love Christo’s motivation behind these pieces. He truly did a great representation of Sunken City to the point that I could automatically recognize it without asking. I also love that his work tells a story. Stories are incredibly important when it comes to art because no story is the same in representing moments of our lives. Yet everyone is able to take elements and relate in some way, attaching their own meaning or developing their own perspective of something that happened in their life.


Christo’s social media:



Greater Lamfa


Wk12 – Classmate Converstion – Abigail Giron


This week I met the wonderful Abby Giron. She’s a sophomore at Long Beach State University and we actually ended up realizing we’re in the same nutrition class. When I asked her the question of the week, she said cool colors like blue calm her whereas warm colors like red make her excited. 

Wk12 – Activity – ePortfolio






This week’s activity was to improve our websites into an ePortfolio for future use. I found it hard to add things since I already had a Bio page and my Tumblr linked as well. However, I added a home button and a contact form. In all honesty, I don’t plan on really using wordpress after this class. My tumblr is my main media site where I already have links to all my projects such as my photography, graphic design images, writings, and soon to be my music. I also have my social medias linked there too. WordPress was fun to use for this class, but for my future use, tumblr is the way to go since I already have an audience of nearly 6,000 wonderful people.

In conclusion, my goal for this website is to be another portal to my tumblr, where my personality and work shines through.

My Tumblr: Stayradnotsad

Wk11 – Activity – Fiber Art


On Thursday this week, my professor asked Perla and I to make a connection between these two shirts. When I said I didn’t see a connection, he went on to say he was disappointed in me and that there’s no point in me being at a university if I can’t make a connection between two random concepts/objects. He also stated that reality doesn’t exist and that I’m allowing the media to control me. Here’s what I have to say. I make plenty of connections everyday with everything I experience that seems to be important to me. (Including these shirts but it’s not relevant. It’s not going to benefit or change my life in anyway). With things that are going to benefit me in the end and help me to grow as a person. For example; there’s an old church in my hometown. Growing up, it was filled with people, singing praises to a god that gave them hope to carry on, to carry through. Now, it’s abandoned. Cracks in the pavement and overgrown weeds. I’ve been thinking about that, how a place that so many people put their faith in has grown so empty over time. Yet, just the other day I saw a man there patching cracks and pulling weeds out of the concrete. He was washing years of filth off the windows. This made me wonder if there is anyone like that for you and me when we are broken and have lost hope. However, this is a personal association I have made. Of course I would share this experience with someone if I felt they had an interest with similar feelings. Never would I ever impose my views into someone else and tell them I’m disappointed when they failed to see it. The thing is, nobody thinks what I think, and nobody thinks what you think. No one. We are all a collective of every experience we have ever encountered. The books we read, the films we watch, the conversations we engage in. We are what we take from these. For instance, I could say I’m a kitchen sink and you wouldn’t know what that means because a kitchen sink to you is not a kitchen sink to me. The point is, we are all searching for purpose by dealing with our own demons. If someone has the capacity and demeanor to do that, as well as handle everyday responsibilities, is truly a strong individual that will always have a place in a university, whether they can juxtapose the same two concepts or not. What matters is what we compare for ourselves. Analysis of ideas that help us to help others, cause in the long run, we are only tiny dots on an endless timeline.

As for reality, it’s a concept that’s different to everyone. To me, it’s what’s true to the individual. To tell me that it’s not real sounds like another view being pushed into a student within a public institute. This is supposed to be an art class and to say I’m being controlled by the media when nearly every activity is based around a social media app… Sounds pretty contradicting. With that said, I hope this can open some eyes to the perspective of myself and plenty other students within the university.

Nobody thinks what you think, no one.

This is my fiber art activity.

Disclaimer: None of what is said is meant to offend in anyway. It simply how I felt about the whole situation and no one should be afraid of being honest. 

Wk11 – Classmate Conversation – Perla Aguayo


This week Perla Aguayo and I were told to talk to eachother again for our blogs even though we already have in the past. When we were waiting for the galleries to open, our professor came up to us and challenged us to make a connection between our shirts (these shirts will be in my next post). Now, this has been a huge topic of discussion between Perla and I within the past few days. She doesn’t really care to talk about the situation but for me, being the Scorpio I am, I’m very motivated to prove my side of this confrontation we were faced with, as I was pretty offended. My view will be continued in my next post. 

By the way, she does think tattoos are art. Whether it’s out of a book or designed for you, it’s art since someone created it to begin with.

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